Increased property price in Spain.

(La Vanguardia 27/08/2015). Recently the Spanish business press has echoed the price rise that is experiencing the real estate market in Spain , as well as the economic upturn .

According to the National Statistics Institute , in the second quarter of 201mercantil5 the Spanish GDP grew by 1%. In annual terms , growth was 3.1 % over the same quarter last year.

The Secretary of State for Economic Affairs , Inigo Fernandez de Mesa, stands (La Vanguardia 8/27/2015 ) with this are already 8 consecutive quarters of growth .

In response to variables such as membership data to Social Security , the index of industrial production, vehicle registration , consumer confidence and home sales , Fernandez de Mesa forecast that this rate of growth will remain strong in the third quarter 2015.The growth rate recorded in the second half of 2015 not seen since the first quarter of 2007. The Secretary of State has emphasized that Spain three times the average growth in the euro zone and the economy within the fastest growing developed countries.

 Focusing on increasing housing sales and the rise in prices , the main factor that influenced the change in trend is the increase in mortgage lending . According to the National Statistics Institute , the signing of mortgage loans for home purchases rose 8.7% in June . In annual terms , the increase was 26.3 % compared to June 2014.

 Experts predict an increase in housing prices used in 2015 and practically no longer descend more prices for new housing . A set of FORCADELL and the University of Barcelona study predicts an increase of housing prices in Spain used about 5 %, mainly due to the high increase in demand in the big cities (Madrid , Barcelona and coastal ).As for the rent, the prognosis is that the number of operations to stabilize the income from leases and recorded a moderate increase in Barcelona, ​​but not in the whole metropolitan area (La Vanguardia, 16/06/2015 ) .
 However , it notes that the increase in demand and prices is not homogenous, but clearly a very segmented housing market, which evolves at two speeds is noticed . On one side are the large cities (Barcelona and Madrid, and major tourist destinations ) , which have experienced a recovery after 7 consecutive years of declines. But on the other hand, there are also smaller towns and less consolidated areas with excessive stock , which hinder the progress of the housing market.
 The prognosis is that the areas that go well will get better , while areas that go wrong stagnate or grow at a much lower rate . This follows the publication (Expansion 09/05/2015 ) A recent study by the Institute of Business Practice , based on a survey of real estate professionals . Specifically , professional Qualified Property Consultants Network ( RAIC ) and MAR Real Estate
Nine out of ten respondents estate professionals believe that housing will continue to grow . Opt for Madrid , Barcelona and the Costa del Sol . According to that study , 44.7 % of respondents predict that home sales will rise between 5% and 10% in 2015, while 31.9 % think They will grow by over 10% .
In the same vein , the aforementioned joint study and UB FORCADELL (La Vanguardia, 09/15/2015 ) estimates that the price of housing increased by 5 %, while sales transactions grow 20 % over 2014 . Stresses that , between April 2014 and March 2015, the amount of the sale of the lots in Barcelona and Madrid has increased by about 35%. 
 Also the Ministry of Development (La Vanguardia 9/15/2015 ) has noted the increase in the price of housing in Spain . From the highest price levels in the first quarter of 2008 , the average price of housing has accumulated a decline of 29% . This quarter is the fifth straight.
 The Credit rating agency Fitch ( Cinco Días , 09/16/2015 ), believes that the price of housing in Spain has played ” background ” , after seven consecutive years of decline , noting that the growth of housing prices It will be ” slow and uneven.
Ultimately , the indicators are positive , the trend is up , and allow long and continuing crisis still find attractive investment opportunities , but given the heterogeneity of the Spanish property market to get prior information about where and what type of asset property is reversed. Not the same investment in a city than in another. If they are to maximize profitability in the short to medium term , it is good advice to carry out the investment with proper safeguards .




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